Timmy the evil

Timmy the Evil with Professor Walrus

Timmy The Evil is a character created by Timmy to exact revenge on Mike and Rob for not letting him play Unforgotten Realms.


Timmy The Evil is constantly plotting with his servent, Professor Walrus to destroy Sir Schmoopy. He is an evil character despite the fact that he has been known to help old ladies cross the street as well as giving Sir Schmoopy the cure to save his ill Grandmother, and is solely responsible for giving three of the seven Nador gems to Sir Schmoopy. The only truly evil things he has accomplished in doing is zombifying a begger to attack Sir Schmoopy and tricking Mike and Rob into using a rigged 20 sided die that only rolls a 1 (The numbers on the die were replaced by pictures of Pokemon, thus meaning 1 = Bulbasaur, etc - as seen in the serie's Pokedex).