URealms character
Sir Schmoopy [of Awesometon]
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Classes
  • Assassin
  • (Former)Sorcerer (Can switch back and forth using the Nador Gem of Talent)
Age 29
Level Levels
  • Lvl 1 Assassin
  • (former) lvl 2 Sorcerer
Religion THOR
Voiced by Rob Moran
First Classic Episode 1: Making of Heroes

- Episode 1: The Remaking of Heroes

Sir Schoompy of Awesometon, a loud-mouth, obnoxious sorceror, is one of the two main characters of Unforgotten Realms. He is played by the creator of the series, Robert Moran. He is the in-game character of Rob in the series. Robert Moran debuts in the series as Rob, a man visiting his friend Mike, who is playing a table-top RPG named "Unforgotten Realms," based on the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and named after role-playing game Unforgotten Realms. Once they enter the game, they embark on a quest to save Sir Schoompy's dying grandmother with a magical herb but, due to Rob/Sir Schoompy's inabillity to focus on the game and follow directions given to him by Mike and his character Eluamus Nailo, their adventure takes a turn.




Sir Schmoopy with Jacque

Sir Schoompy of Awesometon changes appearances often. He began with blue armor with a blue helm which contains horns and a beard, with dual wielding nunchucks, which Mike makes clear to him that having dual wield weapons would give him a disadvantage in fighting but decides to keep them anyway. Not far into the series and is worn only for the one episode, Schmoopy wears the Beggar's Clothes in which he removes his helmet to reveal an afro. After several events in the first season of the show, he gains a wolf body somewhat resembling Link's Wolf Form of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Later, into the second and third season he gains a body resembling Altaïr from Assassin's Creed.

Since Sir Schmoopy has changed, he has new abilities such as the cloaking in shadows and the power of invulnerability.