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The two main Kobolds seen in Unforgotten Realm

The Kobolds are a basic enemy race in the world of Unforgotten Realms. They are limited to only using Slash type weapons and typically have an agro range of 20 spaces. Kobolds are also the adult versions of Groundbolds. Kobolds often say "Kobold" in their speaking, and sometimes form an entire sentence from the word "Kobold."

Most Kobolds seem to eat stones and gems, and dislike fish-based recipies like fish-soup or fish-yogurt

Noteable KoboldsEdit

Identifying KoboldsEdit

Kobolds will try to identify spies by asking them the question of Kobolds:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck Kobold?

To which any true Kobold will reply:


Kobold Traits Edit

Kobold's are furry creatures that people generally like to hug. A good enough hug and the kobold may become your friend.